How does our FREE Challenge Program work?

Look at our free challenge as a fun, little trading game that you can participate in. There is no fee to enter and there is also 10% of the overall profit you make as a reward at the end of successful completion. You can participate and improve your trading skills while we improve our software and technology solutions for prop firms. We both win in this process.


Oh … BTW … don’t forget that there is an opportunity for you to trade for a real USA-based hedge fund if you prove your trading skills. All at no cost to you!


Read the steps given below carefully to learn about our program completely.

Step 1: Sign-up with broker and create free account

Currently we are accepting 5K accounts only from Coinexx (MT4 Only). First you must create a free user account with them as our referral. Make sure you signup using the link here (MT4 Only) so you are added as our referral. Note: Please note that we don’t have any direct relation with Coinexx (MT4 Only). We are only their affiliate promotors, we cannot be held responsible for their actions and vice-versa.

Step 2: Create a 5K Demo account with 1:100 leverage

Once you have created your free user account, login and go to the login to the members area and use the Demo account menu to create demo account.

If you have any questions about how to create a demo account, raise a simple request via Chat and their rep will help you with the process.

Step 3: Submit application and wait for acceptance

Once your demo account is ready, use the form on Start challenge page and submit your application. 

Our site admin will review your application and will send you an email asking you to start trading. Please don’t start trading before the application is approved.

Note: Please note that the account must be created at Coinexx (MT4 Only) as part of our affiliate. It must be 5K demo account only with 1:100 leverage. Your email must match with the one we see in our affiliates list with Coinexx (MT4 Only).

Step 4: Trade within the rules, Succeed

Trade within the rules specified on the main page and also explained in detail in our FAQs section. Make sure you understand them fully. Trade with your preferred trading strategy – manual or auto-mated – both OK and try to finish the challenge in specified time. 

Step 5: Request manual audit and payout to Wise account

Once you see the account status changed to – TARGET REACHED, you can contact us and ask for a manual audit of your account and payout to your Wise account. Note that during manual audit, we re-visit your entire trading activity and manually check for any potential breaches. We check, among other things, if you have followed the consistency rules. Once manual checks are successfully completed, and if we conclude that you quality for a payout, we will process the payout to your Wise account.

Step 6: Trade real funds for a USA-based fund

If you have reached this step, you have already proven yourself to be a good trader. At this point, we will invite you to discuss about your trading strategy and we will also give you a demo account with a USA-based brokerage to showcase your trading skills further. Once you have successfully convinced us about your trading skills, we will give you a real account to trade for us and split the profits. Depending on your trading skills, we will decide the profit split for you. You must contact us after completing the challenge to start talking about this process.