Do you want to setup your own prop firm?

Try our fxReports software.

What is fxReports?

fxReports is a full-featured, prop firm back office SaaS solution for MT4, MT5, cTrader and DXTrade platforms.*

On this page, you will find more details about our prop firm back office software that is powering many of today’s prop firms. Our customer base is growing every week. If you are looking to start your own prop firm, read through the rest of the information on this page to get started.

Go through step-by-step process to setup your own prop firm back office in no time. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line.

Step 1: Watch following series of videos on how our prop firm software - fxReports - works

Step 2: Request a test admin account. In this admin acoount you will get upto 4 MT4 accounts you can create and test with. (If you need more, we can give you with additional fee)

Step 3:
Test the setup to your satisfaction. Create test challenge or competition, add trading accounts under them (Up to 4 MT4 accounts are included for free for testing purposes but more can be provided in case you need them.)

Step 4: If you like the setup, sign contract & go live with your own fully setup prop firm in no time!

* Note that the MT4, MT5, cTrader and DXTrade are respective trademarks / labels owned by Meta Quotes and other platform developers. We are not affiliated with any of them in any manner. We are software development company that specializes in connecting with these platforms to read trading history and/or perform certain actions that are necessary to operate a typical prop firm back office function. We have no other working relationship or connection with these platform providers or brokers that make these platforms available for trading. We are not a broker or a trading platform developers.